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Frozen Egg Albumin Liquid

Frozen Egg Albumin Liquid

Product Details

Solids 12 +/- 1.0 min
Fat 0.075-0.25% min
Protein (N x 6.25) 9.6-10.5 % min
pH 8.0-9.5
Standard Plate Count 5,000/g max.
Salmonella (USDA Method) Negative
Listeria Negative
E. Coli Negative
Coliform 10/g max
Yeast & Mold 10/g max

Additional Information

Product Code 2.2 FEAL

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Domestic Punjab

Whole eggs broken from fresh shell eggs (no additives) and then Separated Egg Albumin, Pasteurized in accordance with International standards. Filled in Bag in Box package, Blast free-zed at -40°C and stored at -20°C.

After opening, Egg albumin liquid should be kept refrigerated at 35° to 40°F (1.7° to 4.4°C) maximum at all times and consumed within two to six days from date of purchase. Once opened, use immediately.


  • Egg White
  • Salted Egg White
  • Extended Shelf Life Egg White
  • High-Gel Egg White
  • High-Whip Egg White

Egg white, also referred to as egg albumen are a high—quality, nutrient dense food ingredient, as the protein in egg white has a very high biological value. It has also been shown to provide satietyand thus assistin weightloss diets.

The proteins in egg whites are very functional, and assist food product developers with overcoming certain formulating challenges. An increasingly popular challenge in today's food industry is to satisfy the restrictions set by natural foods stores on what a product may or may not contain. Egg whites have always been a good choice, as it is all-natural and a nutrition powerhouse.

Egg whites help formulators with producing high—volume foams and with leavening. When combined with other ingredients such as water or milk, it can be used to glaze pocket-style sandwiches, rolls and breads, preventing the crusts from drying. Egg whites also act as an adhesive in both breading and coating processes, as well as with topical application of nuts and seeds.

For ease of convenience, egg product manufacturers separate egg whites from egg yolks, and sell them as individual ingredients. Liquid egg whites are available refrigerated, ready-to—use, or frozen. The advantage to frozen egg whites is a lengthier shelf life. Food manufacturers can thaw and use on an as-needed basis.

Regardless if liquid egg whites are sold refrigerated or frozen, they are always pasteurized for safety. Egg whites can also be formulated to include other ingredients such as salt or sugar for added shelf life and enhanced functionality. At the industrial level, liquid white—refrigerated or thawed frozen»can be added with other wet ingredients. Liquid whites readily integrate into manufacturing systems, including pumping and extrusion.

Process in Brief
Shell eggs are broken, separated by automation, and monitored for quality and imperfections.

Egg products are then filtered, pasteurized, and packaged. Custom blends (specified egg solids content or added ingredients) are available. Blast freezed at -40°C and stored at -20°C.

Examples of Added Ingredients
Salted Egg White, Extended Shelf Life Egg White, High-Gel Egg White, High-Whip Egg White.


  • This product is certified for Kosher and Halal.
  • This Product is manufactured in "FSSC 22000" certified plant (GFSI Standard) in Rajpura Punjab
  • All production comes under continuous inspection by GFSl Standard approved auditors.

Pasteurized and Refrigerated Whole Egg Liquid: BAG-IN-BOX
Our liquid, pasteurized whole egg liquid are ideal for commercial, industrial and foodservice markets, shipped to you safe and secure in our bag—in-box packaging.

  • Made from fresh shell eggs obtained from company owned poultry farms with full traceability from
  • Finished Product to Poultry farm including company owned feeding operation.
  • Pasteurized for safety and readyto cook.
  • No additives or preservatives.
  • Controls costs by saving labor and time.
  • Eco-friendly with our easy-to-store bag in box package.
  • 2-3 weeks shelf life - refrigerated.

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